Camp Instructions


To freeze proof the camp:

  1. Unplug the dehumidifier

  2. Shut off the water pump

  3. Open the water shutoff valves and outside spigot to drain the lines and hot water tank

  4. Open all the faucets including the shower.  Unscrew the kitchen sprayer from the hose.

  5. Flush the two toilets and hold the handles down until the tanks are drained as much as possible

  6. Put 1 cup of RV antifreeze (in the utility room) in each toilet and another cup in each toilet tank

  7. Put ½ cup  of RV antifreeze in each drain (three sinks and the tub).

  8. Remove each smoke detector from their wall mounts (6 total) and remove their batteries

  9. Bring the canoe in from under the deck and put it in the garage

  10. Bring in the garbage can, table and any chairs from the deck as well as the front and back door mats

  11. Move the picnic table under the deck, place it on its side and of the ground.  Stack the benches across the table legs

  12. Turn off the main breaker