Welcome to the Skala Camp Scheduling Page

You cannot view or edit this schedule unless you are logged in.

INSTRUCTIONS: (Read before clicking any buttons)

After you login, Click the Add Item button.

In the window that replaces this one:

The Subject is preset to Camp Reservation, If your addition is some other family event change it accordingly.

Select your starting Date.

In the More Info box, you can enter descriptive text.  i.e. Birthday party or whatever.
(When typing, do not use your ENTER key, the text will wrap automatically)

When you add a date, be sure to check the Notification box and highlight all the names so that an email will be sent to all camp users.

For multiple days Select Repeat Every Day and set the Through date.


Use the HELP buttons if you need further explanation.

Coming soon to this page:

   The Camp rules and use instructions